How to build and install an SDK for Android

This article explains how to integrate the custom Android™ SDK for Android Studio.

1 Prerequisites[edit]

One of the following environments must be installed:

Android Studio must be installed.

Information about Android API Levels is available in the Android SDK page[1].

For Developer Package users go directly to section Install SDK in Android Studio.

2 Build SDK for distribution[edit]

2.1 Set environment[edit]

The Android™ SDK has to be generated in the eng build environment, select the right case when using the lunch command.

2.2 SDK for Linux®[edit]

Execute the following build commands to generate the SDK

 make sdk

The result is in the path out/host/linux-x86/sdk/<BoardId>/android-sdk_eng.<login>_<linux-x86>/platforms/android-<Version>/android.jar.

2.3 SDK for Windows®[edit]

For Windows®, a specific Ubuntu® package needs to be installed to build the Android™ SDK for Windows®, add the unix2dos command:

 sudo apt-get install tofrodos

Execute the following build commands to generate the SDK:

 make win_sdk

The result is in path out/host/windows/sdk/<BoardId>/android-sdk_eng.<login>_<windows>/platforms/android-<Version>/android.jar.

Info white.png Information
Both Linux® and Windows® SDKs are generated when win_sdk is used.

3 Install SDK in Android Studio[edit]

The information below applies to both Linux® Ubuntu® and Windows® environments. (It is assumed that Android Studio is already installed.)

  • Open Android Studio
  • Open Settings in the File Menu
  • In the Settings pop-up select Appearance & Behavior --> System Settings --> Android SDK
    • Check the path of the SDK as highlighted in Red in the picture below.
    • Check for the correct SDK API selected, as highlighted in Blue in the picture below.

Android SDK.png

  • Copy the android.jar file provided with the developer package or the custom version with the distribution, to the Android Studio SDK path : <YourAndroidStudio_SDKPath>/platforms/android-<APILevel>/
  • Restart Android Studio
  • To check for new API availability in Android Studio, search for new Class/Symbol through the Navigate menu.

4 References[edit]