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You, as STMicroelectronics customers, are responsible for compliance with the applicable license terms for any open source software included in the STM32MPU Embedded Software and related tools. Template:MarComTeamReviewsComments The following items constitute a non-exhaustive list of major items to be considered by You prior to productizing a device based on STM32MPU Embedded Software.

1 GPLv3

STM32MPU Embedded Software embeds GPLv3 content.

It is Your responsibility, to comply with GPLv3 license terms when distributing GPLv3 content including, but not limited to, as embedded into your commercial product, and:

  • either to remove the unwanted GPLv3 content from Your distribution,
  • or to ensure compliance with the applicable license terms for any software included in Your distribution.

1.1 How to identify GPLv3 content in STM32MPU Embedded Software?

  • A file containing all the software components and their respective license is available in each STM32MPU Embedded Software official release

1.2 How to manage GPLv3 content in STM32MPU Embedded Software?

  • You can list all the GPLv3 content
  • You can:
    • Replace the GPLv3 content by an equivalent non-GPLv3 content.
    • Remove the GPLv3 content.

GPLv3 removal:

  • In the Distribution Package, You may remove GPLv3 content by deleting it from the OpenEmbedded image recipe.
  • You may remove GPLv3 content from the generated image.

2 Audio/Video

STM32MPU Embedded Software, through included open source, embeds many audio and video codecs that are compliant with standards.

A non-exhaustive list of such codecs are the following:

  • AAC
  • H264
  • MPEG-4
  • HEVC
  • FLV1

It’s Your responsibility to check the patent policies and procedures associated with such standards and determine whether a license will be required to any third party patents.

3 Licences

The exhaustive list of the latest version of STM32MPU Embedded Software distribution is available at this location.