STM32CubeIDE errata 1.12.x

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1. Fixed issues

ID Summary
126202 GDB client exits randomly during debug session in CubeIDE on Linux.
139495 ST-LINK GDB server wrongly advertise TrustZone core registers with TZEN=0.
140228 Wrong IP registers displayed in the SFR view.
140494 arm-none-eabi-gdb-py.exe is missing in GNU Tools for STM32 11.3.rel1.20221123-1345 on Windows.
141702 STM32CubeIDE 1.11.0 completely breaks when the 'Darkest Dark Theme' plugin is installed.
142921 When STM32CubeIDE is launched for the second time, the popus is opened even if the data analysis value is deactivated.
145182 The STM32CubeIDE does not launch with some Linux Fedora versions.

The STM32CubeCLT cannot be installed with the STM32CubeIDE using the rpm installers.

From version 1.11.0, STM32CubeIDE cannot be installed with another version of STM32Cube already installed.

2. Known issues

The known issues are split into general, OS-specific, and target-specific issues.

2.1. General issues

ID Summary
59435 Having a space or non-ASCII character in the project/workspace path or installation path is not fully supported.
63624 Some STM32CubeMX pop-up dialogs are not opened in front of the STM32CubeIDE workbench on all OS's.
68184 Hierarchical projects cannot be imported with the option Copy into workspace.
68440 Hierarchical projects cannot be renamed.
89454 Restart configuration only works for flash memory projects and not for RAM projects. Program Counter register is not set correctly. Manual work-around: In Restart configuration, manually set PC to the ResetHandler() in RAM: set $pc = 0x20000xxx.
109764 FreeRTOS™ kernel-aware debugging: Full stack traces off all tasks do not work if configUSE_PORT_OPTIMISED_TASK_SELECTION 1
115928 Editing live expressions while target is running does not work with SEGGER J-Link.
124062 GCC-10 is more strict with respect to declaration of global variables in header files. Read the GCC-10 porting guide.
133183 STM32CubeIDE cannot debug using FreeRTOS aware with J-LINK.

Work-arounds, if: Reset strategy == Connect under reset, requires Initialization commands:

   info threads
   info threads
   thread 2

Work-arounds, if: Reset strategy == None (attach mode), requires Initialization commands:

   info threads
   info threads
   thread 2

2.2. OS-specific issues

2.2.1. Linux®

ID Summary
139617 The CAD view in the ioc-editor may not render. A restart of STM32CubeIDE is required.

2.3. Target-specific issues

2.3.1. STM32H7

ID Summary
73552 Serial Wire Viewer configuration is not reset for STM32H7 devices on the next launch if it was terminated with record active when using ST-LINK GDB server.
79658 ST-LINK GDB server reports being suspended on address: 0x05F0001 when debugging STM32H7 dual-core devices and the core under debug goes to sleep.
81763 OpenOCD does not support debugging STM32H7 dual-core devices when the core under debug goes to sleep.

2.3.2. STM32MP1

ID Summary
73895 Debugging in production mode requires a network connection. If STM32CubeIDE is configured to use a network proxy, then the IP address of the STM32MP1 board needs to be added to the "Proxy bypass" list.
73896 The synchronization check between the IP-address entered in launch configuration and the IP-address of the target does not abort the launch in case of mismatch.