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Questions Answers
How to start. Read UM2567: Getting started and UM2426 for detailed explanations.
Where to find the blueprint file for creating a Grovestreams organization? In \Middlewares\ST\STM32_Cellular\Samples\HTTP\Setup\Grovestreams_Blueprint.txt.
Where to find the text file for updating Grovestreams parameters? In \Middlewares\ST\STM32_Cellular\Samples\HTTP\Setup\Grovestreams_Setup.txt.
How to know if the cellular application is up and running? With the trace on Tera Term.
Nothing is displayed in Tera Term. Ensure that Tera Term options (such as Baud rate) are correctly set.
Wrong echo in Tera Term during setup. Ensure that Tera Term options (such as New-line and Transmit delay) are correctly set.
X-CUBE-CELLULAR boots but there is an issue with the network. Check that the correct SIM is selected (plastic SIM or soldered UICC; Plastic SIM by default).
How to check that the EMnify profile on UICC is correctly activated? Connect to the EMnify account and check the status.
EMnify is correctly activated but it does not work. Check in the EMnify account if the correct tariff is selected.
The log indicates that X-CUBE-CELLULAR is properly up and running but nothing changes on the Grovestreams dashboard. Check that the correct API keys are used (the ones associated with the organization used for the demonstration).
How to activate eSIM / EMnify SIM (only for CELL01 and CELL02 kits). Browse to B-L496G-CELL02 on st.com (How to enable SIM MFF2 connectivity with P-L496G-CELL02 file from Documentation, Utilities)
With the out-of-the-box FW, there is no information on the console. Set the correct parameter in Tera Term (Baud rate as 9600 to obtain the voucher) and make sure that the modem is not connected upside-down to the host board through the STMod+ connector.
Why is X-CUBE-CELLULAR not operational after boot? There are multiple possibilities: the selected firmware does not correspond to the modem used, the SIM card used is not valid on the available network, the modem firmware version release note, too many bands selected and parsed by the modem (see UM2567).
How to know if the cellular data service is operational. Cellular operational after Trace displays -----> State : CST_MODEM_DATA_READY_STATE <----- and/or Network is up is displayed
Which modem FW version? If you use different modem firmware to that used in your tests, you might have discrepancies. Read carefully the modems Release note for detailed information.