STM32 Motor Control Knowledge Database

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Welcome to the STM32 MC Knowledge Database.

The goal of this category is to centralize as much information as possible, either through dedicated pages, or redirecting you to the most interesting ST information source on the web.

1 Motor Control introduction

motor control.png
Motor Control overview
An overview of our STM32 Motor control ecosystem
and an introduction of our STM32 software package:

2 Learn more on STM32 Motor Control

STM32 MC-SDK PICTO motor-control-monitor v3.jpg
STM32 Motor Control SDK tutorial
Have a look on the STM32 MC SDK Getting Started

motor control.png
How To manually configure the motor parameters
Learn how to set manually the motor control parameters

3 STM32 MC SDK new features

Descriptions of the main new features of STM32 MC SDK version 5.Y:

STM32 MC-SDK Motor-Pilot 3.png
SDK-MC Motor Pilot
Start-up Guide

4 Frequently Asked Questions